About us

Your Trading Partner in Indonesia

Indonesia is gifted with relatively high competitiveness commodities for the export market. We are an export trade company established to become your trading arm in getting high-quality local commodities. SATU connects overseas buyers with local manufacturers and assists on all export activities involved.


For Foreign Buyers

Access to Indonesian best commodities through SATU; we provide support services for firms engaged in exporting include warehousing, shipping, insuring and billing on behalf.

For Local Manufacturers

Additionally, we also help local manufacturers find overseas buyers and provide them with other pertinent market information.


Our Vision

In supporting the nation’s economic growth, PT SATU KOMODITAS INDONESIA aspires to be a trustworthy trading arm of local businesses / manufacturers by providing export trading services and enabling them to thrive in the overseas market, connecting them to the right buyer.

Our Mission

To become an export trading company that bridges local businesses to world markets, ethically and responsibly. Nurturing long term partnerships.
Dynamically empowers & facilitates local businesses to participate in world trades.
Continually maximizes the competitiveness of local commodities / products in the international market through education and improvements.


Some of Indonesia’s best commodities we export :

Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee is unroasted coffee beans from Coffea fruits (Coffea arabica, Coffea canephora). This specific coffee bean contains more chlorogenic acid than roasted coffee.


To help maintain domestic rice supply stability, we only export organic rice, black rice, brown rice, black glutinous rice, as well as several other types of local premium rice.


Carrots are one of the top requested export crops from Indonesia and we look forward to helping you export your fresh and well-picked carrots to international markets.


For several years, Indonesia’s red onion exports have continued to increase. We will gladly assist you in exporting your fresh onion crops or processed ones such as fried onions to increase added value and competitiveness in the global market.

In further, we also produce other products :

PET Chips

PET chips (Polyethylene terephthalate/polyester chips/PET resin) is our main industrial product, which is widely used in packaging industry, electronic appliances and other sectors. As saturated polyester, PET chips has smooth, crystal-like, and shiny surface.

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